Sponsored by NICHE magazine, the NICHE Awards competition began in 1989 to celebrate excellence and innovation in American and Canadian fine craft. Artists are recognized in both professional and student divisions.

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Weave by Nick Leonoff, New York, N.Y.







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FINALISTS RECEIVE: A listing in the winter issue of NICHE magazine (professionals only), a listing in the Winter Buyers Guide, a listing on NICHEAwards.com, and are invited to display their works in front of thousands of craft buyers during a special exhibit at the Buyers Market of American Craft.

WINNERS RECEIVE: A feature announcement in the spring issue of NICHE magazine, a trophy and winners’ press materials. Winners will also continuously have their images used in promotional materials and press packets throughout the year.

All finalists are invited to display their work in the NICHE Awards exhibit at the Buyers Market of American Craft, January 18-21, 2014, in Philadelphia. Winners will be announced at a special ceremony held during the Buyers Market and featured in the Spring 2014 issue of NICHE magazine.

Professional Division: The competition is open to professional craft artists over the age of 21 who reside in the U.S. or Canada and are actively involved in the design and production of craftwork supplied to galleries and craft stores. Contest Deadline: September 16, 2013

Student Division: The student division of the NICHE Awards was created to encourage emerging talent and aspiring artists who are enrolled in arts certificate or diploma programs, art centers, craft schools, colleges and universities. Contest Deadline: October 15, 2013

All submitted work must have been produced or introduced after September 1, 2012 to be eligible.


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Hollow Vessel

beech, craft, ebony, handmade, hollow, maple, pjn woodturning, spalted, timber, turned, vessel, wood, woodturning

Wild Scorpios World

I turned this hollow vessel a few years ago from a beech log I had recovered after a storm had knocked some trees down near me. I got the wood home and waited for it to get really spalted before I cut it up and started turning with it.

I love working with exotic timber but I will always have a soft spot for native species, especially if I can get some nice spalting going on!

This vessel is made from spalted beech and African ebony with Indian ebony and American maple banding. It is roughly is 7 inches (177mm) tall and it is finished with Mylands wax. Although this vessel has been sold, I might make a similar vessel in the future. It won’t be identical as I never repeat designs but it will be along the same lines.

Although you can buy spalted timber, It’s generally the same…

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