Painted wood

Jess Quinn

painted spoons


So first of all I must apologise for my long absence, the summer holidays are always so busy juggling work and children. I will try to catch up with some of the new work I have done. Today I am working on some painted spoons and vintage pegs, so far I am very happy with the way they are turning out. These will be in my Etsy store very soon. I have painted and drawn a lot recently and this is informing my approach to doll making and other mediums, I have also been looking at a lot of art especially folk art ( a recent trip to the american museum was very inspiring) I was delighted when I found these beautiful old pegs, they are beautiful objects and I hope I have done them justice with my additions.painted spoons 2




spoon 1


spoon 3


spoon 5


spoon 6


vintage pegs


vintage pegs 2


wooden spoon 4


wooden spoons 3

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