7 Publicity Ideas for Your Arts and Crafts Business

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By , Published July 19, 2013

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Knitters, potters, stained glass makers, woodworkers, metal artists and  anyone who sells arts and crafts from home often have a difficult time  convincing traditional media and bloggers that they’re worth covering.

From a journalist’s perspective, these can’t be real businesses, can they? Of  course they can.

Craft businesses have long been important to the U.S. economy and constitute  a $15.4 billion-a-year industry, according to a 2010 study by the Craft & Hobby Association. If you’re  treating your passion—what you love to make—as a business, it’s time to also get  serious about your PR and publicity.

Spread the word about what you’re making and the business issues you’re  facing. Offer interesting angles or hooks, and you can find your way into blogs,  onto the TV news and radio talk shows, and into newspapers and magazines.

Here are seven ideas on how to promote your home arts or crafts business:

1. Become active on Pinterest.

The world’s Number 3 social media site is the perfect place to share gorgeous  photos of your own products, as well as photos that tie into what you sell.

Do you make glass vases? If so, pin photos of colorful, elegant vases of  every shape and size, even though many of the vases aren’t your own. Here’s a great  example:

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2. Don’t hesitate to discuss your business problems and how you’re  solving them.

How are you dealing with price increases for raw materials such as copper?  How about higher prices for shipping?

Are you selling on Etsy and, if so, how are you dealing with many of the Etsy  problems that other crafters are grousing about?

3. Share your social media success stories.

Most of the big success stories we’re seeing about things like Facebook  contests are often about companies with big brands.

Bloggers, especially, love it when they can write a David & Goliath story  about a small craft business that hit it big because of an app, or a contest, or  a campaign that went viral and pulled hundreds of orders.

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4. Create Google Alerts for the types of crafts or artwork you’re  selling such as woodworking, knitting, stained glass, etc..

Once a week, or once a day, or as soon as news appears online, Google will  send you an email alert with a link. This will help you find content and  identify journalists and bloggers who are writing about your craft.

I tell Google to email my alerts to me once a day. I also requested all  content, including blog posts, news items and videos.

When you find an article written by a reporter, or a blog post, you can check  out the blog, then pitch an idea about your business using my 5-part formula.

5. Submit press releases and photos to the New Products sections of  magazines.

This section, probably more than any other, will welcome news about what  you’ve made.

Let’s say you sell jeweled dog collars. Look for New Products sections in dog  and pet magazines.

See my free  tutorial on how to write press releases.

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6. Scour the National  Public Radio website for programs that might want you as a  guest.

You must pitch a great story idea or angle. But NPR—which places a heavy  emphasis on culture, lifestyle topics and the arts—is a perfect venue for you  because , particularly if you sell more upscale items that would appeal to their  more upscale audience.

At the website, you can use the search box to look for archived programs that  already have featured your topic. Listen to the programs. Decide if you’re a  good fit. If so, pitch!

7. Offer to write a guest blog post for bloggers whose audiences are  part of your target market.

Let’s say you make glass or ceramic flower plates, a type of garden art, like the ones I wrote about here. Contact a gardening  blogger and offer to write a guest post, accompanied by photos, that explains  how to make them.

“Why should I give away my secrets?” you ask. Because most people won’t take  the time to make th eitems. If they want them bad enough, they’ll buy them—maybe  from you.

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