Marta Klonowska and Her Amazing Glass Animal Sculptures

The Roaming Naturalist

I don’t know how exactly one becomes inspired to recreate animals from 17th and 18th century paintings – using broken pieces of glass – but Marta Klonowska did just that. The detail, shape, and volume with which her animals stand are spectacular, and really make me wish I could see them in person rather than on a screen.

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New Work

Stafford Art Glass

If you are an artist then you know the importance of new work.  Developing new winning designs is a way to not only generate renewed interest in your brand, but it serves an integral effect of helping to keep you creatively vital.  I know that for me I get a big bump behind developing new work that helps to push production for a while.  I feel better.  Life just FEELS better to me and my mind is working in a much more fertile way as I wonder just what might be next on the creativity front.  Its as if the world moves from few options to one where options are just bursting at the seams.  Such is the effect that inspiration has on us.

The last four years have brought unprecedented change to my life.  From a severe shoulder injury, to a divorce, to managing an eight-entity partnership to being…

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March/April 2014 Call for Submissions!

March/April 2014 Call for Submissions!.

Rug test

Knitting before Knitting was Cool

Having finally found the Shepard’s Rug book, I was anxious to try making one.  I decided to make a ‘rugette” to practice my braiding, felting and sewing.


First I gathered my roving.  My inspiration for wanting to make these rugs is 3 boxes like this of roving (see this post).  All you newbie spinners, heed my advice and do not randomly take wool from the person who has a friend who has some sheep.  The staple length on this was not great, nor was the crimp, and I was not enjoying spinning it when I tried it.  The wool is from Suffolk and Hampshire lambs.  Options were to give it away to the school perhaps for an art class, or to try to find something that I could make from it, I had paid for the processing after all.


Start by picking your 3 strands, all should be…

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Hollow Vessel

beech, craft, ebony, handmade, hollow, maple, pjn woodturning, spalted, timber, turned, vessel, wood, woodturning

Wild Scorpios World

I turned this hollow vessel a few years ago from a beech log I had recovered after a storm had knocked some trees down near me. I got the wood home and waited for it to get really spalted before I cut it up and started turning with it.

I love working with exotic timber but I will always have a soft spot for native species, especially if I can get some nice spalting going on!

This vessel is made from spalted beech and African ebony with Indian ebony and American maple banding. It is roughly is 7 inches (177mm) tall and it is finished with Mylands wax. Although this vessel has been sold, I might make a similar vessel in the future. It won’t be identical as I never repeat designs but it will be along the same lines.

Although you can buy spalted timber, It’s generally the same…

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Painted wood

Jess Quinn

painted spoons


So first of all I must apologise for my long absence, the summer holidays are always so busy juggling work and children. I will try to catch up with some of the new work I have done. Today I am working on some painted spoons and vintage pegs, so far I am very happy with the way they are turning out. These will be in my Etsy store very soon. I have painted and drawn a lot recently and this is informing my approach to doll making and other mediums, I have also been looking at a lot of art especially folk art ( a recent trip to the american museum was very inspiring) I was delighted when I found these beautiful old pegs, they are beautiful objects and I hope I have done them justice with my additions.painted spoons 2




spoon 1


spoon 3


spoon 5


spoon 6


vintage pegs


vintage pegs 2


wooden spoon 4


wooden spoons 3

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