About Us

The Southeast Valley Artisans Guild, a part of the Town & Country Community Service Network* is a networking and artisan workshop program; which prepares crafters on how to place and sell work and to broaden their artist vision. The program is facilitated by volunteers and serves residents of Gilbert, Chandler & Queen Creek, AZ.

cropped-craft-idea-tray.pngTo be a successful craft person is to create a buzz in the community, not only for the artiste, but for the show. The more festive the atmosphere, the more people talk and spread the word, the more people who see your work, the more people who will buy your work.  It’s really all about getting people excited about hand crafted works of art!

Crafters always seek new input for their work.  To do that means exposing one’s self to new environments, new methods and new people to name but a few.  And let’s face facts here, very few crafters can afford to create crafts full time.  We want to introduce you to some of those that do!

Get newsletters, supply discounts, crafters in resident programs and workshops, grant information and show news without spending a fortune.

Join the Southeast Valley Artisans Guild, it’s the best bargain in town, costing just $15.00* for a full year membership.

High School Seniors may join as Associate Members for $10.00* for a full year membership.

Galleries / Business may join as Professional Members for $100.00* for a full year membership.

*Event/Supply Fees may apply.

*Town & Country Community Service Network is a division of Skipping Stars Productions LLC


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