From The Painted Apron: Painted Flatware


painted forks 2

What should you do when you have some gorgeous new plates, but no flatware to go with them?


Why, paint some of course!!  These are $1 forks from Target, the same forks that I used for the Seashell Flatware


I used glossy acrylic enamel paint and painted the stems about 1/3 of the way up with a yellow I mixed with a touch of white and orange, to mellow it out a little,  and soften the bright yellow color


Don’t fret that it looks like a hot mess at first, patience!! Let that dry thoroughly.


A flat, square brush works great for adding “checks” around the edge


Next a green stem and some leaves


A dot of orange for some color


The paint brush tip end is great for painting perfect dots


Smaller red dots around the leaves and as a border are added between the yellow handle and the rest of the fork

painted flatware

Ta da!  Once it’s finished you don’t notice any little imperfections~


I didn’t try to copy the pattern, just matched the colors and the general feel of the design

painted forks

Stop by on Sunday and I will show you how they look on my Mother’s Day table~

NOTES:  To wash forks, dip unpainted tines and neck of fork in hot soapy water.  Do not soak.  Paint is very durable but is subject to chipping with rough handling.  You can clear coat it with clear nail polish or spray varnish for extra protection, or to get a glossy finish if using matte paint.


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